NFL owes the Canadian game a word of thanks

If you were to identify two of the biggest offensive trends in American football right now, what would they be? The zone read, of course, and the high tempo offence run by Philadelphia head coach Chip Kelly.

The zone read has been an industry staple in the CFL for as long as most can remember. Whether the quarterback was fleet footed or not, the most basic tenet of every offence in Canada is the read option. It is perfectly suited for most multi dimensional CFL QBs, and if your pivot is limited in scrambling like Anthony Calvillo was he used this concept to buy him time and room to survey downfield.

While teams in the NFL have had varying levels of success with it and some seemingly don’t employ pivots with the acumen to be able nfl live to successfully read that backside player the Seattle Seahawks used this play often and to great effect in their come from behind victory over the Green Bay Packers in the NFC championship. Concept two that is trending from the west coast of Oregon to the eastern geography of Pennsylvania, is the high tempo, fast paced offence that Kelly first implemented with the NCAA Ducks and then took to the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles.

What makes this up tempo offence so special and effective? Nothing, really, other than they try to run as many plays as possible, completely ignoring the 40 second play clock and exhausting the defenders who don’t have time to adjust or rotate.

Add to this basket NFL ownership has wanted to adopt the CFL “Super schedule” cheap jerseys of 18 regular season games and two pre season games, along with discussions over expanding field dimensions to reduce the severity and frequency of helmet to helmet contact, and it’s no wonder players forged in the northern league seem to be flourishing in the NFL when afforded opportunities.

To name but a few.

Cameron Wake of the Miami Dolphins and Brandon Browner of the Patriots have continued to run amuck in the NFL, not unlike what they did when they wholesale nba jerseys had pro football opportunities with the Lions and Stampeders.

After two years in Winnipeg, Jon Ryan is now on his second team and in his 10th year in the NFL, and without his skill set above and beyond that of merely a punter, the Seahawks would not have even had the opportunity to try to repeat as champions.

And of course, everybody now knows Chris Matthews, who hadn’t even registered a catch in the NFL before the Super Bowl, and was as instrumental as Ryan in getting the Seahawks to the title game with his onside kick recovery, and who would have been in the discussion for Super Bowl MVP had his team gained a final yard in its last possession against the Patriots on Sunday.

Indeed, if imitation truly is the sincerest form of flattery, the CFL should be blushing right now from its involvement and influence not only in the NFL regular season this year, but by how it’s former players and schemes directly affected the playoffs and Super Bowl Sunday.

Doug Brown, once a hard hitting defensive lineman and frequently a hard hitting columnist, appears Tuesdays in the Free Press.

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